Tortuga Divers Grand Cayman Going Above and Beyond

We recently received this wonderful email and thought we would share. As always, Tortuga Divers going above and beyond…

We just returned to Colorado after a week of staying at Morritts, and diving with your operation and wanted to pass along our thoughts.  My wife and I have over 100 dives each and have dove in Hawaii, Cozumel, Cancun, St Martin, Barbados, Key West, Florida Keys, and along the Atlantic Coast of Florida. We have never found an operation as well run, and with as friendly and helpful staff as yours. They made our trip all the more enjoyable. If the diving in Grand Cayman is not amazing in itself, your staff was the icing on the cake. Two employees in particular need mentioning.  After the second day of diving, my wife Amy was experiencing some tingling and tenderness in her hip area. I examined the area and thought it might be a little swollen and talked her into having the Dive master, Stuart, have a look.  She thought is was nothing and did not want to bother, but we went down to the boat. Upon arriving one of the other captains looked at it and just thought we should go the the hospital, but said he would not make us, just his opinion, and walked away.  Stuart noticed us and said he wanted to take a look, and immediately said it looked exactly like a picture he saw in an article he had just read in the Dan magazine about skin bends.  He immediately had her come on board the boat and began oxygen.  He said we definitely should go to the hospital.  We told him we did not have a car and what would be the best way to get there.  He then volunteered to have his friend Debbie drive us there.  He gave us the oxygen, as well as a spare bottle, and we left immediately. It still took 45 minutes, but my wife was on oxygen the entire time.  When we arrived at the hospital we thought Debbie would drop us off and be on her way.  She insisted to stay with us until my wife was seen by the Doctor. The treatment was more, higher concentrated oxygen at the hospital for another hour, and my wife’s symptoms disappeared.  Debbie then drove us back to the resort! This is way beyond what we expected.  We want their employer to know what special people they are and how much we appreciated them!  This type of concern was very unexpected.  

In addition I want to comment on the rest of your diving operation. The shop stated a time to be at the dock, and when they would depart.  Your staff was very prompt, and we left when they stated.  NOT normal for other operations we have been on, many times waiting a very long time to get going in the morning. All tanks were filled properly, no short fills.  Not always normal. The boat we dove on, Leatherback, best boat we have dove on.  Boat in Kona, HI was same.  Showers, plenty of room, well equipped, 16 divers, 2 or 3 dive masters, not crowded.

Stuart’s pre-dive briefings were professional, told us what to expect on the reef, and dive, as well as what we might see.  Very helpful to know where we were going, i.e. swim-throughs, depth, dive time, etc.  Best pre-dive briefing we have experienced.

Dive masters, very knowledgeable, found places in reef that were amazing, and critters we would not have found on our own.

All in all, even with my wife’s problem, was one of the most enjoyable dive trips we have experienced.  We are considering purchasing a timeshare at Morritts, so we can return every year, hopefully for 2 weeks at a time.  We plan on being annual customers.

I will also be posting our experience all over the internet about our wonderful experience, and your well run dive shop.  We left a couple of cards with your staff, and a little token of our appreciation.  Thank you and them for everything.


Mike and Amy Wolach
Frisco, CO