East End Grand Cayman: Exploring the Hidden Gems 

The East End of Grand Cayman is a hidden gem in itself offering off-the-beaten-path experiences away from the bustle of Seven Mile Beach and George Town. But what are the hidden gems within this often-overlooked region? Tortuga Divers is here to show you!

We provide Grand Cayman East End diving trips — as well as beach activities and water sports — allowing divers to access some of our island’s most spectacular dive sites. But we love all things East End, so join us as we shine a light on some of its best lesser-known spots.

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Collier’s Public Beach and Barefoot Beach Offer Beautiful Seclusion

The smaller crowds on our side of the island mean more secluded beaches, especially on weekdays. Two of the best beaches in Grand Cayman’s East End are Collier’s Public Beach and Barefoot Beach.

At Collier’s Public Beach, inviting white sand meets crystal-clear Caribbean waters. This gorgeous stretch of beach provides a perfect escape for those looking to unwind amidst breathtaking natural beauty. It’s also one of the best places in Grand Cayman to watch the sunrise.

And in true hidden gem style, Barefoot Beach isn’t even signposted! This means you’ll need to approach slowly to make sure you’ve arrived in the right place. This spot is even more likely to be deserted than Collier’s Beach.

There’s great snorkelling from the shore at Barefoot Beach, but we only recommend it for people with previous experience. It’s a relatively long swim out to the coral reef and you won’t be able to stand at any point. But if you can manage the entire experience, it’s one you’ll never forget!

Lovers Wall sign

Lovers Wall: The East End’s Sweetest Photo Opportunity

Like many hidden gems, Lovers Wall has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it quality. At the side of Sea View Road, Lovers Wall is, you guessed it, a wall for lovers! At either end of the wall, you’ll find a red, heart-shaped sign with the words “Lovers Wall” written in white. All you need to do is hop up on the wall with your loved one and strike a pose!

There are soothing views of the ocean on the other side of the wall too, so once you have your photo, be sure to soak in the beauty of the moment and your surroundings.

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The blowholes in grand cayman

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The Blowholes: Nature’s Spectacle in Action

The Blowholes are only five minutes along the coast from Lovers Wall, so they make a great double act. On this part of the shoreline, incoming ocean water rushes through natural passages carved into the rocks. It then shoots up and out, like a whale’s blowhole.

The timing of your visit is all important here. By far the best conditions for viewing are when the sea is rough and choppy; for example, when a storm is approaching. In these circumstances, you can get some amazing photos of water shooting into the air.

If the Blowholes aren’t in full force when you arrive, the area is still picturesque and a pleasure to explore. Stay on the lookout for scuttling hermit crabs!

We also included the Blowholes in our list of things to do in the East End of Grand Cayman.

Ten sails wreck sign

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Wreck of the Ten Sails: Immerse Yourself in Grand Cayman Legend

In 1794, the worst shipwreck in the history of the Cayman Islands occurred off the coast of the East End. Multiple merchant ships ignored orders not to sail during the night, resulting in ten of them running aground on the reef.

Today, you can find a monument standing on the coast overlooking the same reef where the ships floundered. There are also numerous information boards along the main path providing more context of the event. Outside the gift shop here, you can find a large brass propeller, a stark relic of the wreck.

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Diving the East End Walls and Reefs: Submerged Wonders Await

For avid divers, the East End is a haven of underwater wonders waiting to be explored. Dive with Tortuga Divers to discover the mesmerizing East Walls, where the seafloor drops dramatically, revealing a stunning landscape beneath the waves. 

Navigate through intricate coral formations, encounter colourful marine life, and be awe-inspired by the sheer diversity of species that call the East End home. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced diver, our knowledgeable guides will ensure an unforgettable experience.

And like the East End itself, dive sites on this side of the island are less frequented than those off the west and north coasts, so they’re not only less crowded but also more pristine and better preserved.

Check out our 2-Tank AM Wall Dive East and 1-Tank PM Dive East to find out more about the adventures waiting for you here! And be sure to read our blog The Best Diving in Grand Cayman’s East End for even more inspiration.

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Continue Your Adventures into Grand Cayman’s North Side

When you’re exploring the East End of Grand Cayman, you may find yourself venturing into the North Side. This is because the main road running north to south in this part of the island — Frank Sound Road — is on the North Side, but near the boundary with the East End.

To help you discover even more hidden gems in Grand Cayman, let us introduce some of our favourite spots in the North Side too.

Good Mood Swing

Embrace the laid-back vibes at the Good Mood Swing, where a simple swing invites you to unwind with scenic views of the Caribbean Sea. This is another amazing spot for fun photos!

Cayman Kai Public Beach

Escape the crowds at Cayman Kai Public Beach, a white sand haven with calm waters and a relaxed atmosphere. This beach is ideal for those looking to bask in the beauty of Grand Cayman away from the tourist hotspots.

Rum Point Club

At the famous Rum Point Club, you can embrace the laid-back Caribbean vibe and bask in the beauty of the idyllic beachfront location. Dine on delicious food, drink rum-based cocktails, play in the ocean, and put your toes in the sand.

Starfish Point

Discover the magic of Starfish Point, where shallow, clear waters provide the ideal habitat for vibrant starfish. Wade into the sea and witness these incredible creatures in their natural environment.

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