East End Activities and Tours in Grand Cayman 

In Grand Cayman’s East End, there are countless ways to have fun-filled days. Just some of the activities and tours you can join here include Waverunner safaris with coral reef snorkelling, sailboat rental, and renting a kayak to explore the beautiful turquoise waters of our island’s east coast.

And, of course, what would a trip to our part of paradise be without Grand Cayman East End diving experiences?

In our previous blog, Things to Do in the East End of Grand Cayman, we introduced you to some of our favourite ways to spend time in the place we call home. In this post, we look at specific tours and activities that can elevate your East End experience even further.

Scroll down for our recommendations, and if any questions come to mind as we go, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A row of jet skis parked on the sandy beach, ready for an exciting ride on the water.

Feel the Thrill of a Waverunner Tour in Grand Cayman’s East End!

If your love of snorkelling is matched by a passion for adrenaline-pumping adventures, look no further than the Waverunner Tour in Grand Cayman. Departing from Morritt’s Resort daily, this jetski safari is an exhilarating way to explore our marine world.

Grand Cayman’s East End has calm, clear water, white, sandy beaches, and accessible shallow reefs teeming with life. All this adds up to a snorkeller’s paradise. And the good news is, on our Waverunner Tour, you can zip around from snorkel site to snorkel site, skimming across the water at high speed! Some of the sites we visit include Sunset Reef, Sunrise Reef, and Richfield Reef.

These small-group tours involve a maximum of four Waverunners, ensuring a personal and intimate experience. However, this also means that you should book your spot in advance (at least 24 hours’ notice) to avoid missing out on this unique guided tour.

Shark swimming among coral reefs

Explore Underwater on a 2-Tank East Wall Dive in Grand Cayman

As a world-class dive destination, we simply had to include a diving excursion in this list. In fact, we found it impossible to choose only one, so we’ve picked another dive below too! Grand Cayman’s East Wall is home to some of the Cayman Island’s most spectacular dive sites, so divers are sure of an unforgettable experience!

Just some of the renowned sites waiting for you on the 2-Tank AM Wall Dive in Grand Cayman’s East End are Babylon, Northern Lights, Anchor Point, and Turtle Pass. These remarkable underwater landscapes are also home to a stunning variety of marine life, from rays and sea turtles to eels and sharks. And there’s a breathtaking range of vibrant coral reef formations to discover too.

The East End offers a much quieter diving experience compared with Seven Mile Beach on the west coast, so if you’re looking to get off the beaten track, this is the activity for you.

Check out our blog The Best Diving in Grand Cayman’s East End to learn even more before your dive.

Man diving and exploring reefs at night

A Night Dive in Grand Cayman’s East End Offers a Whole New Perspective!

For our second diving experience, we’ve chosen the Grand Cayman Night Dive in the East End. The underwater world surrounding our island is awe-inspiring in the daytime — but it takes on a fascinating, otherworldly appearance at night.

A whole new collection of creatures and plant life is active in the sea after the sun has set, so even East End dive sites that you have explored in daylight show off a different personality at night. 

When it comes to East End activities and tours in Grand Cayman that you’ll never forget, it’s hard to beat this one-of-a-kind night dive.

Man on a sailing boat

Hit the High Seas with Sailboat Rental in Grand Cayman

If there’s one thing better than hopping in a sailboat and heading out to sea, it’s doing so in the idyllic scenery of the Caribbean! With our sailboat rental in Grand Cayman’s East End, this is exactly what you can do.

We’re a sister company of Red Sail Sports, so we have unique access to a fleet of Hobie Wave sailboats. These vessels are stable, safe, easy to operate, and offer fantastic performance in even light winds. As such, they’re ideal for even beginner sailors!

We rent these vessels out year-round from Morritt’s Resort, next to the Wyndham Reef Resort. Don’t worry if you haven’t sailed before — we have expert instructors on hand to provide sailing lessons that are fun, educational, and the perfect introduction to the basics you need for your adventure.

A man and a woman on a kayak in the ocean

Glide Over Azure Water with Kayak Rental in Grand Cayman

Sea kayaking is a unique experience that allows you to explore the ocean at surface level but without getting wet. This gives you a greater connection with the rhythms of the sea while providing a front-row seat from which you can peer down into the crystal-clear waters surrounding you.

If this sounds like your kind of adventure, then kayak rental in Grand Cayman’s East End with Tortuga Divers is just the ticket! We have a range of single and double kayaks at Morritt’s Resort, so we have everything you need for solo or tandem exploration.

Renting a kayak is a fast and fun way to start exploring Grand Cayman at your own pace.

A row of kayaks, sailboat, and kayaks on the beach

Start Planning Grand Cayman East End Activities with Tortuga Divers!

We hope these East End activities and tours in Grand Cayman have inspired you to start planning your visit. And remember, this is only an introduction to all the adventures waiting for you here!

To find out even more, and to start making bookings, browse our Grand Cayman East End diving experiences and East End activities and watersports.

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