Scuba Diving from Rum Point, Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman Scuba Diving from Rum Point

Grand Cayman’s North Wall provides awe-inspiring dive experiences. The wall itself, with its breathtaking vertical drop into the deep blue of the Caribbean Sea, is one of the stars of the show here. But there’s far more to this unique marine ecosystem — and Tortuga Divers can help you explore it.

The top of the wall and shallow dive sites off Grand Cayman’s north coast offer the kind of beautiful coral formations, remarkable geological features, and kaleidoscopic marine species that our waters are famous for.

Just some of the famous North Wall diving sites include Tarpon Alley, Eagle Ray Pass, Lemon Reef, Princess Penny’s Pinnacle, Roundabout, and Roberts Wall.

Departing from Rum Point Dock, we have easy access to the very best dive sites off the north coast, and we love showing visitors around them! If you’re ready to explore Grand Cayman’s North Wall, browse our experiences below!

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Our Dive Trips from Rum Point,
Grand Cayman

2-Tank AM Grand Cayman North Wall Dive

Check out Grand Cayman's North Wall dive at Tortuga Divers! Keep your eyes peeled for any large pelagic creatures that may swim by. Read more!

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