About Tortuga Divers

Tortuga Divers by Red Sail Sports is located on property at Morritt’s Tortuga Club and Resort in the beautiful East End of Grand Cayman. We are proud to say that we have the finest diving and snorkelling on Grand Cayman. So, if you’re looking for great dive operators in Grand Cayman, look no further!

In 2002, Red Sail Sports invested its capital and expertise in Tortuga Divers and became the only premier operation delivering dive and watersport services island-wide. Through it all, our philosophy has remained the same throughout the years: Give the customer the highest quality service possible.

Tortuga Divers has high-quality Grand Cayman dive shops and we are here to serve your diving, snorkelling, and watersports needs. We are committed to safe, fun diving and snorkelling and place a heavy emphasis on safety. We are dedicated to protecting our fragile marine environment for future generations.

Our philosophy has been to provide each guest with a positive experience and to leave having gained a little more knowledge through this experience. All of our staff members are certified instructors with current Emergency Response and O2 training.

People come to the Cayman Islands because of the beautiful clear water, soft sandy beaches, and year-round sunshine. They dive and snorkel with us because we offer the friendliest crew and the best equipment to best enjoy these attractions.

Let our fun, knowledgeable, and professional staff make your vacation a memorable one. And please get in touch if you have any questions about our range of Grand Cayman East End Diving Experiences.


Manager | Boat Captain | PADI Course Director

Favorite Marine Life: Sharks of all kinds

Favorite Dive Site: Pat’s Wall


James left his decade long career as Director of Food & Beverage for Hyatt to follow his passion of diving. He quickly found his niche teaching new divers but wasn’t settled until he was training the next generations of Instructors. James thrived as a PADI Course Director, the highest level of professional certification.

He found teaching divers with disabilities to be the most rewarding act of his career. James has traveled the world and worked in some of the most beautiful countries: Australia, Maldives, & Cayman.


Boat Captain | PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Favorite Marine Life: Sharks

Favorite Dive Site: Pat’s Wall


Elliott has been working as a PADI Instructor since 2006 in Cyprus, UK, Bahamas, Canaries, and Cayman. His first dives were in a dry suit and 10 foot visibility, far from the 85° F and 100 foot vis. we have here in Grand Cayman.

Elliott is our head boat captain with a decade of experience running the channels of the East End. You can relax with him at the helm.


PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Instructor | Service Technician

Favorite Marine Life: Octopus

Favorite Dive Site: Jack McKenny’s Canyons & Black Rock Drop-off


Ole has 30 years teaching experience as a PADI Instructor in Greece, Egypt, Thailand, Bahamas, Aruba, Spain, Maldives, BVI, & Cayman to name a few.

Ole is also a certified Physiotherapist, Triathlete, and service technician of more brands than we can list.


PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Favorite Marine Life: Spotted Eagle Rays & Puffers

Favorite Dive Site: The Lost Wall of East End


Patrick is our newest PADI instructor, since 2023, and our token Yank. He’s a natural teacher and encyclopedia of diving theory.

Patrick started in the dive shop working the desk and reservations so he’s happy to itemize your receipt, but be careful, the last people who asked ended up owing him money. 


PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Instructor | Service Technician

Favorite Marine Life: Thresher Sharks

Favorite Dive Site: Ω Reef


Chris is from London, England and in a quest for sunshine moved to the Caribbean and became a PADI Instructor in 2014. He has experience diving and teaching in Utila, Australia, and Cayman.

Chris has a keen eye for the smaller creatures on the reef and seems to always find nudibranchs; though, we think he hides them in his pockets.


PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Favorite Marine Life: Sharks

Favorite Dive Site: Tarpon Terrace


Pierre has been teaching as a PADI instructor since 2012 from Maldives to Mexico, Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, & Cayman.

He enjoys combat sports such as Kickboxing & MMA though Pierre hails from the more peaceful hills of Bordeaux. Naturally he’s a bit of a wine snob and is happy to teach your course in French weather you speak it or not.


PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Favorite Marine Life: Ornate Eagle Ray

Favorite Dive Site: Black Rock Drop-off & Dragon’s Lair


Vee has been a PADI Instructor since 2015 teaching free & scuba diving in Malta, Maldives, Bahamas, Thailand, & Cayman. She is one of our most passionate teachers who loves the ocean as much as she does training great divers.

While Vee spends most of her time on scuba you’ll often find her ditching the tank on the weekends and opting for the silence of freediving.

Enjoy the Cayman Islands…Contact Tortuga Divers!