Freedivers are Welcome at Tortuga Divers

Embark on a thrilling freediving journey with Tortuga Divers, where you’ll explore captivating Caribbean dive sites and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing marine life on the East End of Grand Cayman.

We’re excited to offer freediving & freediving courses for the first time in Tortuga Divers History. Silently explore some of the most breathtaking reefs of the Cayman Islands including Black Rock Reef, Cinderella’s Castle, Grouper Grotto, & many more!

Freediving course at Tortuga Divers

Freedivers are drawn to this discipline for a myriad of reasons. Whether you seek personal physical and mental challenges, a chance to capture stunning underwater photographs, an avenue to enhance your mental well-being, an opportunity to delve into the mysteries of the deep, or simply a great time, freediving offers it all.

Freedivers are welcome at Tortuga Divers on our afternoon dive trips to shallow reefs. The top of the mini-wall hosts fields of sea fans and wandering rays, while over the edge divers are greeted by coral fingers and sandy rivers teaming with marine life.

These dives are suitable for beginner & advanced freedivers. If the East End of Grand Cayman can’t satiate your freediving needs check out some of the best coral reef dive sites in Grand Cayman.

Free diving instructor with 2 divers

Unlike scuba divers, freedivers can glide effortlessly, free from the constraints of bulky tanks, and their bubble-free presence allows them to seamlessly blend with marine life.

Interested in becoming a Freediver? Our PADI-certified professional Freediving Instructors will guide you toward achieving your Freediver certification, unlocking a world of underwater exploration like never before.

Freedivers need only be 12 years old and have adequate swimming skills. Snorkeling and Freediving experience is not necessary. Our instructors will help build your confidence, refine your breath control, and instill within you the power to enjoy this lifelong underwater discipline.

1-Tank PM Dive East

2.5 Hours

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